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When we were a young couple, we had a dream of living close to Mother Earth. We saw ourselves with a big beautiful garden where all kinds of fruit trees, organic vegetables, flowers and butterflies grew and flourished. There were happy children at play, dogs, cats and birds, fresh air, and a small modest house. We dreamed of building a ceramics studio and a woodworking shop.
All part of a natural whole, where work, leisure, family, art and creativity existed together. A nourishing, sustainable life close to nature.
We found a piece of land in the Upper Galilee in the north of Israel. Living on the border with Lebanon, we devoted ourselves to honoring and fullfilling our dream, even in difficult times. As the years went by, birds came and animals came and our land began to blossom, to grow, to become fertile and verdant. Our family, too. That was 37 years ago. Today the mature fields, orchards and gardens offer us their food and beauty. In the studios, art flows. We take our inspiration from the colors, textures, cleanlines, harmony and balance of the land, from The Chatzbani River that flows nearby, from the mountains and the change of seasons. Our grown children come home often, some live here now with their own children. Friends and extended family come to share the quiet, natural beauty. And beneath, behind and above it all, Mother Earth warms our life with her tender grace.


Potter & Ceramic artist

While working on the wheel, I think deeply about the elements of earth, water and fire that will become the new vessel. Looking deeply into the form and function of the clay, I enjoy watching harmony emerge and wondering how the glaze will accept the fire’s energy in the kiln, how this lump of clay will transform into something beautiful, useful and durable. I am moved knowing it will come to you carrying the imprint of this gentle farm in northern Israel. How will the new pot or cup feel in your hand? When you receive it, a kind of connection takes place between us…a flow of energy that continues the creativity.


Carpenter & Wood artist

Wood has wonderful qualities. As raw material in my work, it opens up endless possibilities reflective of the strength, color and texture of the wood. I love to work with local trees: cypress, eucalyptus, olive, Indian rosewood, etc. because when I work I love to imagine and sense them in their natural environment. I take into account the character of the wood and strive to maintain clean, simple and practical lines. I also like to work with recycled wood and to breathe new life and value into materials that were thrown away. Both my materials and my work processes embrace the environment, and my products are intended for practical and daily use.

When You Use Our Handcrafted Products,
A Connection Takes Place Between Us,
And The Creation Continues.
The Pieces Fulfill Their Destiny…